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This bread is made using the frozen sourdough culture that I described in this post. Despite the 9 weeks or so it’s spent in the freezer, the culture isn’t just viable, it’s remarkably vigorous. Unlike my first attempt, which took far too long, I’ve used two portions of culture, and I’m confident I’m not going to be waiting until 10 o’clock tonight to bake this time!  I’m also using 25% light rye this time, for a lighter loaf (last time I used dark rye which gave a crust that could have served as a wood rasp!).

All flours are Shipton Mill organic.


Midday: Make the starter; remove (more…)


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I’ve just been browsing a website where the sourdough bread is labelled “Yeast Free”. They couldn’t be more wrong. OK, I accept it’s a genuine mistake, based on lack of information (which I’ve emailed them to put right – nicely!). More worrying is that their baker might have told them that.

A sourdough culture is created (more…)

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This is a blow by blow record of the making of the first loaf made with the sourdough culture described in this post.

The culture yielded 10 portions, one of which I retained, the rest were frozen. I mixed the remaining portion with 100ml lukewarm water, and 50g each dark rye flour and strong white flour, both stoneground organic, from Shipton Mill.

Within minutes it was bubbling away and, after a couple of hours, I put it in the fridge to keep for the following day, when I made a loaf with it to this recipe (I’m actually typing this as I go, so you’ll get real-time details of its progress). I kept a portion so I could see if one would work, rather than the two I suggested previously.

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I’ve read a lot about creating a sourdough culture from just flour and water, most methods are needlessly complicated, and one was plain wrong. In that one, you’re told to mix 70g flour and 100ml water together, cover with a centimetre of flour (to stop it going mouldy**), and wait until it started to bubble.

That’s actually far more flour than is in the mix it’s covering, and it will just suck the moisture out of it. In addition, as the stuff is buried under a thick layer of flour, you can’t see the sodding bubbles, so how can you tell if it’s working or not?

**If it’s going to work, it should do so long before it’ll go mouldy.

So I thought, sod it, I’ll try (more…)

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