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And yes, I do know I’m fickle. . .

Well, I’ve been making bread with my mixer for a couple of week now, and I’m not happy.

Its performance does leave something to be desired – in a nutshell, I have to intervene so much, to make sure all the flour is scraped down and incorporated into the dough, I may as well do it my bloody self. It’d be faster anyway. Seriously – by the time I’ve fed the flour a bit at a time into the mixer (as per instructions), I can have the damn thing mixed, kneaded and set aside for its first proving, doing it by hand

A mixer may come into its own when making several loaves at a time but, for one, not worth it. It’ll be good for high-hydration breads, when the dough is hard to handle, but for my normal 60% hydration loaves, it’s a tad pointless, I’m afraid.

I haven’t yet tried tossing everything in at once – that’s for another day.

Anyway, bread guru Peter Reinhart says (more…)


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Not too impressed with my first attempt at using a mixer to mix and knead my dough – my conclusion is that I need a somewhat slacker dough with a mixer than by hand (i.e. more liquid). Also, making my normal, 1kg loaf isn’t enough dough for the machine to work properly, I think. Scroll down for an update re second loaf.

Both those things meant that the dough hook just picked up the dough and battered it against the sides of the bowl. Precisely the same problem as you get with a bread machine if the mix is too dry (looking back at my old machine recipes, hydration was almost 100% for some recipes – which was fine, as there was no need to handle the wet dough).

I’m also using a (more…)

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Happy New Year, folks!

2010 is going to be the year in which I get seriously into bread-making. OK, I can make pretty good bread already, but with having to work around the problems of my health, it can be difficult.

The first change is buying a mixer, which frees me from the problem of having a good day, healthwise, before I can bake. I was torn, as I’ve mentioned previously, between the Kenwood Chef Classic (white only),

and a fire-engine red KitchenAid Artisan. (The candy-apple red special edition is stunning.)

In the end, though, it was no contest. The (more…)

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