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I was reading a bread-making website a few minutes ago, and I came to a page where the author was fulminating about the difficulties of using “English” weights and measures.

He bitches about different units for volume, weight, distance, etc, which is complete bollocks – even the metric system uses different units for those (litres, kilograms, and metres, for the hard of thinking – scaled up or down as required for different purposes), and the US, I might add, uses “our” units of measurements too – just not in cooking.

And as you’ve probably gathered, he’s an American, a nation congenitally incapable of grasping the concept of (more…)


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Some time ago, I wrote that I had settled on a standard, everyday, loaf – I was wrong. In breadmaking, as in so much else, standing still gets dull. True, I could turn out, reliably, a decent, crusty, white loaf – with occasional excursions into rye bread – but I felt my standard loaf could be better, and so it proved.


This is the recipe. There is actually (more…)

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This question was put to Nigel Slater in today’s Observer Magazine:-

How do I get a floury crust on my home-made bread?

His answer, to dust it with flour before the second proving, then leave it to its own devices, before baking, is wrong. No mention of slashing the bread, to allow it to expand in the oven, for a start. And I think dusting the bread with flour so early will cause the dough’s surface to dry out somewhat, impeding rising, because things happen more slowly in a relatively cool domestic kitchen than they do in a hot artisan bakery, where you might get away with that technique. You’d still have to (more…)

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