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I’m having a problem with bread. Of late, I’ve baked a couple of loaves late in the evening (normal temp/time – 200C/35 minutes). The first one I left to its own devices until the timer went off – the crust was so deeply browned – almost black in parts – a few more minutes would have trashed it completely.

Last night, I repeated the process, set the timer and retired to read part 2 of The Lord of the Rings – for about the 28th time (these things matter to LOTR freaks!). Alarmingly soon, the smell of scorching bread began to permeate my flat – not too difficult as it’s about the size of a 3-car garage.

Into the kitchen, hauled out the well-tanned loaf, scrabbled for the cooling rack, and checked the timer – a mere (more…)


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