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As I reported previously, my last white loaf was very chewy, but I wasn’t sure if it was the flour (Doves Farm Organic White Bread Flour), or my technique – turns out it was me.

My first, error, as I’ve already mentioned, was to use a wooden spatula to mix the dough – it really needs to be a hands-on process. If you can’t feel it, you don’t know what it’s doing.

The second was insufficient olive oil. I know that some people get all sniffy about any sort of fat in bread – screw them – what do they know?

The third was (more…)


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For some years, while using a bread machine to make my standard spelt and rye loaf (60% spelt, 40% rye), I used Doves Farm organic flours (the missing apostrophe in Doves, by the way, seems to be optional), because they’re just excellent, so I continued to use them when I started making bread by hand again. Imagine my disappointment, then, a couple of days ago, when I tried a white loaf, made with their bread flour, that it was chewier than I expected. OK, I appreciate that’s a personal thing – a lot of people like chewy bread – I prefer (more…)

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In Loafing around, I mentioned that the pain from the arthritis in my hands and elbows was causing problems. It was, too; the pain after the first loaf was pretty serious, though I played it down so as not to deter anyone else  from trying. A little over a week – and three loaves – later, the pain has abated considerably. Just a bit in my thumbs and wrists now, and I can live with that.

That got me thinking about bread-making and ME/CFS (more…)

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About six years ago, for reasons explained in About, I bought a bread machine and started to make my own bread. After a few false starts, this is the loaf I finally settled on.

This is the standard loaf I used to make with my bread machine. As you can see, it’s 60% spelt and 40% rye

Spelt is a primitive grain, a sort of ancestral second cousin to wheat, and has rather less gluten than wheat but, importantly, the gluten protein structure and amino acid content are quite different to wheat gluten, and people intolerant of wheat gluten often have no problems with spelt. Its protein content is almost double (more…)

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Welcome to my new blog, dedicated to home bread-making from a disabled perspective. This is an adjunct to my main blog, Ron’s Rants – a more relaxed space where I can waffle on about bread-making and associated matters.

I recently went back to making my own bread by hand (I’d had an enforced absence from the Internet – I moved house, and getting reconnected was a nightmare – so I had a lot of time on my hands).

I bought my bread machine about 6 years ago, because I believed that  making it by hand would be too painful. However, I’ve found recently that while it is painful (arthritis in my hands and elbows, and my shoulders aren’t too hot either), the worst of the pain only lasted a day or two, and, personally (more…)

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